KaWe otoscopes

KaWe otoscopes

LED-lights continue to be a triumphant success

The development of LED technology has paved the way for many new possibilities in the field of instrument engineering. Experts even say that there has been a paradigm shift from conventional lights to LED lights because LED technology has developed so astonishingly in the past few years. Most notably, the luminous flux was increased in relation to the power input. The advantages of LED technology over conventional illumination are a longer lifespan and a lower energy consumption of the light emitting diodes. Improvements in the resilience (resistance to impact and vibration) have also played a major roll.

LED illuminants reach their maximum illumination intensity immediately. The light does not flicker, preventing the occurrence of the strobe effect. In addition, LED lights do not heat up the area that is being illuminated. This makes medical equipment even safer. The LED technology used in the KaWe EUROLIGHT®, KaWe COMBILIGHT® 2.5V, 3.5V and KaWe PICCOLIGHT® F.O. Otoscopes ensures superb lighting efficiency and excellent light transmission and makes highly-functional illumination possible at a low price.


1. 3-fold pivoting magnifying glass
2. Ear funnel
3. Connection for pneumatical test
4. Bulb (not visible)
5. Threaded screw-on connection
6. On/off sliding switch
7. Metal clip
8. Battery handle
9. Batteries
Night. Sky. Stone. – A new focus With the trendy new colours: night, sky and stone, we are initiating an elegant new design era. Trendsetting LED technology completes the KaWe PICCOLIGHT® line perfectly
  •  variety of illumination options
  • pocket-size, light-weight, handy, modern design
  • optimal light strength (centric)
  • ergonomic head shape
  • pivoting magnifying glass with 3-fold magnification
  • integrated clip shutoff function
  • blower connection


  •  standard illumination
  • vacuum bulb 
  • battery handle AA
  • disposable ear funnels (22) 10 x Ø 2.5 mm 10 x Ø 4.0 mm
  • in cloth bag
  • batteries: 2 Mignon (type AA)


  • – F.O. illumination
  • high-quality fibre optics
  • high-power, 2.5 V xenon lamp
  • broad, unhindered line of sight
  • battery handle AA
  • disposable ear funnels (22) 10 x Ø 2.5 mm 10 x Ø 4.0 mm
  • in cloth bag
  • batteries: 2 Mignon (type AA)


The proven LED KaWe PICCOLIGHT® F.O. otoscopes provide you with optimal conditions for easy ENT treatment through high-quality light technology. The LED illuminant has and excellent light efficiency and very high light transmission. LED illuminants are sure to please with their long working lives and very robust design. The xenon illumination of KaWe PICCOLIGHT® F.O. otoscopes that you already own can be converted to LED-illumination simply by replacing the bulb. (190-191)
  •  F.O. LED illumination
  •  illuminance approx. 4,200 Lux (at a distance of 15 mm)
  •  life of LED approx. 50,000 h
  •  shockproof and energy-saving
  •  battery handle AA
  •  disposable ear funnels (22) 10 x Ø 2.5 mm 10 x Ø 4.0 mm
  •  in cloth bag
  •  battery: 2 Mignon (type AA)

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